82-Year-Old Who Killed A Muslim In Self-Defense Gets The Death Penalty


82-year-old William DeLisle of Marina Del Ray, California, has been sentenced to death for defending himself against a life-threatening situation. In October of 2015, DeLisle was walking home from the local senior center when he was ambushed by a pair of young Muslims.

The men, Abdi Nadjeer Hallalla and Mustif Salabu, were already wanted for a crime spree that spanned nearly four years with dozens of victims. They preyed on older Americans, often grabbing them off the street to beat and rob them. Until they met DeLisle.

Now, Hallalla is in a wheelchair breathing through a tube and Salabu is dead. DeLisle, who stormed the beach at Normandy as a young man, responded to the young men like any good Marine would. He pulled a .22 from his ankle holster — which is “illegal” in California — and put both men down in seconds.

Prosecutors said that because the two men were unarmed and using threats instead of actually hurting DeLisle meant that there was no imminent danger and that the use of deadly force was “extreme and unnecessary.” The Dewey County Prosecutor explained in a press release:

“Mr. DeLisle could have handed over his wallet without incident. Instead, he chose to pull an illegally carried firearm from a concealed location and shot the two men. Had he stopped there it may not have been such a major incident, as both men’s initial wounds were superficial.

While they were on the ground, DeLisle told Salabu that if he didn’t ‘denounce his pagan moon god, Allah, that he would be meeting him. Salabu closed his eyes to pray and DeLisle put two bullets in his skull.

Hallalla, after seeing his friend murdered, tried to flee and was shot in the spine, paralizing him for life. This wasn’t self-defense. It was murder and religious persecution.”

Religious persecution? How much you want to bet if the tables were turned and an elderly Muslim killed two Christian men trying to mug him he’d get a medal from the Governor of California?

DeLisle has nothing to be concerned with since the pansies in California don’t actually execute prisoners. They have a moratorium on their useless death penalty and have for decades. He will, however, die in prison. His lawyer said DeLisle expressed that it was a “small price to pay if he saved others from these two monsters.”

DeLisle hasn’t asked for an appeal.


  1. This is crazy. How was he supposed to know these 2 weren’t armed. That remark “he could have handed over his wallet” How about…..these 2 did not have to rob him in the first place. And, a person can be killed or seriously injured without a gun. And, it was 2 against 1. He had better appeal.

  2. Thank You Sir for your service to our country. And thank You for taking two flea. Bitten filthy Muslims out! I will pray for you! You are an American Hero!

  3. It’s a tragedy when liberals who have no common sense can convict this guy. He is 82 yrs old! The prosecutor is an idiot for saying the man could have handed over his wallet!

  4. At 83 how was he old enough to be on Normandy? My father went in the Army at 19. My father is 93. So how was this man at 9 going on to Normandy?

    Personally, this man should appeal to the Supreme Court. Pres Trump can pardon him, and should.

    He deserves a medal!

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