Alabama State Election Board Invalidates ‘More Than A Third’ Of Jones Votes


The Democrats have been bad, bad boys and girls.  In the hotly contest Alabama special election for Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat, Democrat Doug Jones has employed every dirty trick in the book and then some.

Jones and his Democrat cronies spread fake slanderous libel about Roy Moore, saying the former state Supreme Court justice molested more than a dozen little girls between ages six and 14, spreading rumors that he and his wife are anti-Semites, and throwing every false allegation they could at Moore.

After an investigation conducted by the Alabama State Board of Election Integrity, the state’s board of elections voted to invalidate more than 150,000 votes for Jones — about a third of what had come in at the time — because of “obvious voter fraud.”

Investigators found falsified mail-in ballots attributed to dead people, stolen social security numbers used by illegal immigrants, and an entire van full of Mexicans and one DNC employee driving around voting in multiple locations.

Had Jones and the DNC’s schemes actually worked, this would have been the most shameless power grab in American history. Fortunately, Alabama takes the integrity of its elections seriously and disaster was averted by the God-fearing men and women safeguarding the people’s right to choose their representatives.

God bless Roy Moore and God bless the state election board!

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