BUSTED: Democrat Rep Pat McLean Caught Running A ‘Full-Service Prescription Narcotics Store’


US Representative Pat McLean (D – Minnesota) has been indicted on charges of running an illegal prescription narcotics ring inside the US Capitol. The Capitol building, with more than 60K employees, elected and appointed officials and their staffs, is statistically half Democrat, so there are bound to be thousands of addicts.

McLean, who is a licensed doctor, used his own prescription pads to create an opioid crisis among those in his own party, reaping the rewards for more than five years. According to McLean’s aide, Marjorie Seahagen, thousands of pills and pain patches went through the front door of his office every day.

Seahagen, who turned state’s evidence in exchange for immunity, told Fox News:

“There was Vicodan, Percocet, Oxycontin…all name brand. All the best. Everything you need to be a good pillhead. Morphine, dilaudid, patches, syringes. Want to move on to full-fledged junkie? We’ve got you covered.

There are thousands of little Democrats on drugs running around here. It’s no wonder this place crawls so slow.”

Liberals love to blame the slow pace of government under Trump on the fact that Republicans can’t seem to govern when the real problem is all the aides and inner-city congressmen running around on hospital-grade heroin. Now that McLean will be removed to do time in a federal prison, however, some of those addicts will need to clean themselves up.

Martin Belshner, Director of the non-partisan Office of Integrity, says the Capitol Police will be instructed to drug test all non-elected people working in the US Capitol. They aren’t allowed to test US Reps or Senators due to a law passed the same year as Obamacare designed to protect them from this exact thing.

At least one bad egg is being cracked.

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