Contract Killer: ‘The DNC Tried To Hire Me To Murder Roy Moore’


A contract killer known in mafioso circles for his “discretion and professionalism” has come forward to tell a terrifying tale. The Democrat National Committee, led by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, tried to hire him to assassinate Justice Roy Moore, candidate for US Senate.

The man claiming he was contacted would only speak to us on condition of anonymity since his career makes him one of the most wanted men on the planet:

“I have only turned down a contract once before, and that was a child. There’s no way I’m going to put a bullet in a great American like Roy Moore. He embodies everything a true patriot should take pride in. He loves his country, his state, and yes…his race. That doesn’t make him a bigot, it makes him a proud southerner.”

Roy Moore has been criticized for pointing out that slaves were like members of the family and for his extreme anti-gay stance, but that isn’t swaying the voters of Alabama. It’s that resilience that caused the Democrats to put a hit out on Moore.

Unfortunately for them, their plan backfired, as the guy they thought would get the job done wasn’t who he thought he was:

“I’ve killed for them before. I guess they think that makes me one of them. I’m not. Some people don’t matter, but Judge Roy Moore does. Did he date a younger woman? Who cares? He’s been an upstanding public servant for 50 years.”

The tapes of the interview with the killer were sent to the FBI for processing to see if anything can be used as evidence to issue warrants. Someone needs to pay for this public betrayal.

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