BREAKING: Democrat Doug Jones’ Campaign Staff Seen Burning Documents


As news travels that an investigation into Alabama Democrat Senator-Elect Doug Jones draws near, employees at his campaign office in Birmingham were seen doing something totally normal and not at all suspicious: they were either making an offering to one of the Elder Gods or burning incriminating documents.

The smoke that was reported on 19th and Picayune wasn’t just any fire — it was coming from the roof of Doug Jones’ Senate campaign office. According to Fire Marshal Bill Carrey of the Birmingham Unified Fire Department, local residents became concerned when they saw smoke but an investigation revealed that “the occupants of the building were just using a document incinerator.”

With recent reports of illegal aliens faking their way in to vote for Jones and verified reports of blacks busing in from other states to cast their ballots with fake IDs as well as fraudulent votes using the names and identities of dead people, Jones clearly has a lot to worry about as his opponent Roy Moore refuses to concede and seems to be considering a recount effort.

Jones’ campaign is currently being investigated by the Alabama State Board of Election Integrity, which was formed in January as part of Donald Trump and Republicans’ nationwide efforts for fair and transparent elections.

Investigators’ report is expected Monday morning — and they are sure to be very interested in why Doug Jones’ campaign staffers were burning papers over the weekend.

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