Democrats Want To Add Martin Luther King To Mount Rushmore


The halls of Congress were filled with intrigue Monday morning when ten Democratic Congressmen led by Muslim Keith Ellison demanded that Mount Rushmore — which features faces of U.S. presidents — be changed to accommodate a new face: a Communist and tax cheat they view as a civil rights hero because he gave a few speeches that sounded nice.

“Martin Luther King has done more for this country than most Presidents, especially the current one, and he should be honored for that,” Ellison said. “The best way to honor him is to make sure the entire nation sees his face on what is easily our most recognizable monument.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi profanely added that “with our shithole racist so-called President in office, we need to send a message to the world that he does not represent our values.”

She was referencing, of course, alleged remarks President Trump made about third-world countries like Africa. President Trump and others present have denied that the President said anything of the sort and no evidence has been produced that he called any country a “shithole.”

Democrats love to honor terrible people and beneath it all, that’s what MLK was. Why don’t they want to honor John Mitchell, who helped free Irish slaves in America at the cost of his own life? Why don’t they want to honor Tess McGavers, who helped more than 1,400 slaves make their way to freedom from her basement in Alabama?

The reason is that they are white. It’s as simple as that.

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