BREAKING: James Comey Will Be Indicted Friday


There will be much gnashing of teeth in the liberal part of America once Friday rolls around according to sources close to the “Russiagate” investigation.

Breitbart reports that it’s about to be corrupt former FBI director James Comey’s time in the barrel. According to a source “close to Mueller,” Breitbart says that one of the more than 20 sealed indictments has Comey’s name on it:

James Comey is expected to be indicted Friday, a source tells Breitbart News, because of his involvement in covering up Hillary Clinton’s sale of 20% of the United States’ uranium to Russia as well as his partisan witch hunt against President Donald Trump.

Liberals screamed when Comey was fired, but the President had no choice but to do so when it became apparent that the former FBI Director’s goal was not justice but instead discrediting President Trump.

Recently, Democrat superstar Tony Podesta was indicted in the investigation — one of the many cases of “be careful what you ask for” liberals will be suffering from in the very near future.

It is as of yet unclear what crimes Comey will be indicted for, but Friday is sure to be interesting.

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  1. I’d rather have Hillary Clinton indicted. What Hillary Clinton did was very damaging to the nation. People were killed because of her carelessness with our classified documents. Hillary Clinton lied about many things. Using her private unsecured server was the worst. She claimed that she couldn’t remember her security briefings. She has such a problem with her memory yet ran for president. We know that Hillary is a liar. She said that she didn’t know what the “C” meant on documents. Hillary bleachbit thousands of emails that belong to our State Dept. You don’t bleachbit junk emails, it’s too expensive! Bleachbit is used on stuff that might put you in prison. Hillary had her staff bash her devices with a hammer so there’d be nothing to recover. Hillary Clinton is a liar.

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