Study Reveals Why Trump Supporters Are Smarter, More Truthful People


A study conducted at Johns Hopkins in conjunction with research collected from the Federal Election Commission has found that Trump supporters, on average, are more intelligent and honest than their liberal counterparts. The study paid for with a grant from an old Obama program, proves what most of us have been saying for years: liberals are stubborn, ignorant hotheads with no respect for facts.

On the other hand, Trump supporters are more likely to be more financially stable, and while they may not have the traditional liberal college education, they have higher IQs from living in the real world. Dr. Leo Ferlman explains:

“Imagine you believe something so strongly that nobody can change your mind. That’s how it is for liberals. It doesn’t matter that Hillary Clinton was a career criminal, for example, they were dead-set against Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or anyone else raining on their holier than thou parade.

They took the easy way out and declared their degrees in liberal arts superior to men and women who spent half a century building businesses.”

Trump supporters aren’t just more honest and intelligent, they’re also better parents. The study concluded that of 10,000 liberal parents surveyed, only 15 percent had properly educated their children about gun safety, 10 percent about the role God plays in their lives and less than 2 percent about pride in their country and respect for their president.

There just is no denying it. Trump supporters are smarter, better people.

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