5 people were dead in a house explosion in Pennsylvania, including a kid, and other surrounding homes were destroyed

pennsylvania house blast

On Sunday, officials reported that in a house explosion in western Pennsylvania, five people lost their lives, with three structures destroyed and at least a dozen others damaged.

Plum Police Chief Lainey Conley mentioned that shortly before 10:30 AM on Saturday, about 20 miles east of Pittsburgh, a blast occurred, resulting in the discovery of the bodies of four adults and one teenager.

Rich Fitzgerald, the executive of Allegheny County, said, “This is a sorrowful and painful day, not just for the people of Plum, but for the community and all the people of this area.”

Steve Imbarlina, Deputy Director of Fire and Emergency Services for Allegheny County, stated that two of the three individuals taken to hospitals were released, but one remains in serious condition. 57 firefighters in all received minimal medical attention there.

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