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Georgia grand jury is expected to hear the Trump case

Former President Donald Trump and his allies are lining up a queue of witnesses before the Fulton County District Attorney’s grand jury in Atlanta to present a narrative about their attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential election through a pitch, crafting a story. According to familiar individuals with the case, the state…

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis hopes to spend two days next week presenting her case before the grand jury.

Willis could bring several charges, as her focus is on a broad scheme involving efforts by Trump and many supporters to work as a criminal enterprise in attempting to overturn Georgia’s election results, possibly making them culpable in a fraudulent endeavor.

Among the witnesses Willis has summoned are former Republican Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan, former Democratic state Senator Jen Jordan of Georgia, and independent journalist Georgia Chidi. All of them previously provided testimony to a special purpose grand jury tasked with investigating the Trump case, and over 75 witnesses were heard from.

However, Georgia law is unique in this case in that a special purpose grand jury – with expansive investigative powers – does not have the authority to issue charges. When summoned witnesses appear before a regular grand jury, they present testimony with a specific purpose for the first time: to approve or reject charges.

The witnesses called to testify discuss various aspects of Willis’ investigation, including presentations filled with conspiracy by Trump’s allies – including former attorney Rudy Giuliani – before Georgia’s lawmakers in 2020, up to attempts to thwart fake voters. The President in the state who endorsed Biden’s victory. She can also rely on her internal investigators who had previously compiled the evidence for the special purpose grand jury.”


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