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Kareem Hunt is allegedly visiting the Colts after spending time with the Saints

In the weekend, there was a major setback in the Saints’ plan as they faced a deep blow. Not only did they lose Alvin Kamara due to a three-game suspension, but they also learned that after breaking his Achilles, Enos Benjamin would be out for the season. However, the Saints still have two very versatile running backs in Jamal Williams and Nausikhia Kendre Miller, and the team is considering options to fill the void. For a moment, it seemed like Kareem Hunt might be the answer to that crucial question.

Experienced had visited New Orleans, but despite describing the meeting as a “great journey,” he left without reaching any agreement. Now, as noted by the NFL media, Hunt is heading to Indianapolis to meet with the Colts on Wednesday. In fact, according to ESPN, the Colts had already called Hunt before stepping onto the field to work for the Saints and had offered him more money. That’s when the suggestion to travel to Indianapolis was made. The Colts also need help in the backfield as star running back Jonathan Taylor is sidelined due to injury.

Hunt, 28, played his final four seasons in Cleveland, but the Browns chose to terminate his contract following the 2022 campaign. While the Browns could have re-signed Hunt, a report suggests that the team believes his pace is slowing down, which is why they allowed him to explore free agency.

The previous season was undoubtedly the worst in Hunt’s career, with an average of fewer than 3.8 yards per carry, marking the first time in his six-year career that he completed a season with less than 4.2 yards per carry. It’s being said that Hunt has shown significant promise in his career. During his breakout season with the Chiefs in 2017, Hunt racked up 1,327 rushing yards, leading the NFL.

Despite his less impressive performance in the previous season, Hunt still managed to cover a total of 678 yards, with 468 on the ground and 210 through the air. Hunt could be a valuable asset for any team looking to utilize him as a complementary piece to their overall backfield attack strategy.


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