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Tropical Storm Hilary has formed and is expected to bring severe rain to the western United States

The heat-generating Hurricane Hilary, which formed over southern Mexico and is poised to impact the western parts of the United States, is currently on a trajectory passing near the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.

By Wednesday evening, it will be crucial to assess the potential impact of rain and air effects in the United States. However, experts from the National Hurricane Center have cautioned that there’s a concern about the rapid intensification of the hurricane.

It is estimated that by Thursday afternoon, the storm could become a hurricane and within the next two to three days, it might strengthen to at least a Category 3 hurricane (with winds of at least 111 miles per hour) as it remains over the Pacific Ocean.

According to the Wednesday night update from the National Hurricane Center, Hilary was about 390 miles south of Manzanillo, Mexico, with maximum sustained winds of around 50 miles per hour.

Although the hurricane is expected to weaken as it passes over much cooler waters of the Central and Northern Baja Peninsula, it could potentially have significant impacts on parts of California and the southwestern United States.

Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, mentioned that in some of California’s driest regions, there’s a possibility of “years’ worth of rainfall” coming down.

With uncertain forecasts, a series of outcomes are still possible, as Hilary’s path continues to evolve parallel to the Baja Peninsula. Small variations in the track can result in significant changes in the amount of rainfall and impacts.

The San Diego National Weather Service stated, “There is the potential for a significant event for some portions of Southern California. There remains some uncertainty in the forecast, and as the days progress, more details will emerge about the timing, location, and impacts of concern.”


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